How to become a human

Humanity means caring for and helping others whenever and wherever possible. Humanity means helping others at times when they need that help the most, humanity means forgetting our selfish interests at times when others need our help. Humanity means extending unconditional love to each and every living being on Earth.

You become human when:

1 – You are human with yourself:

  • When you define your goals from the world and determine what you want to live for
  • Do what you love
  • When you do not wrong yourself, forget about it
  • Keep your health and stay away from everything that could harm your health
  • Be the perfect person you would love to see.

2 -You are a human with others

  • Charity to your family and be the best people for them
  • To be a good listener for those who need you
  • Help without waiting for the return
  • To put yourself in the place of every person and try to understand his position and create excuses for him and utter the truth even if it is against you

3- To be a human being with the universe:

  • Attach to the animal and do not attempt to harm any creature, no matter how small
  • so you treat the universe as a part of it that does not spoil in it, and if you see what corrupts it, you fix it

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